Annual Service Nov 2005

The Annual Service was held in Seapatrick Parish Church, Banbridge on a sunny November afternoon.

.The service of Evening Prayer was led by the Rector, Archdeacon John Scott. The lessons were read by Rev Adrienne Galligan (Curate) and Canon John Mann (CIMS Hon Sec.) CIMS Chairman, Rt Revd Alan Harper, led members in an Act of Rededication.

 The choir, assisted by the choir from St Mark's Portadown, sang the anthem "O Sing Joyfully" by Batten 

The sermon was given by the Archbishop of Dublin, the Most Revd John Neill, who along with the Archbishop of Armagh are Presidents of the Church of Ireland Men's Society.

The theme for the service was "Christ the King" and the archbishop talked about Christian discipleship - what is expected from us. As with a new job, or a new problem, we wonder what is expected from us. We have as a starting point a list of "Do nots", but when it comes to what is expected there is no check list or award of points. We are embarking on an adventure, we simply have to follow the Cross wherever that will lead us.

He referred to St Elizabeth of Hungary, born in the Royal family she married a Prince when she was 16, had a family and worked for the poor. However when she was widowed at the age of 20 she was made destitute, was separated from her family, and devoted the rest of her life to working with the poor and destitute. She died at the early age of 24.

He went on to say that discipleship has no limits. We are to:

  • look after the thirsty of the world - caused by our pollution

  • care for the stranger - and Ireland today has become the home of many foreigners

  • clothe the naked - the rich get richer, the poor poorer

  • look after the sick - the Global South stricken by HIV Aids yet medicine to treat is costly

  • visit prisoners - the circle of crime and influence of addiction

We are being challenged to make our Church more inclusive of disabled people. Discipleship has no limits, we must follow Christ the Servant-King. Judgement belongs to God, and is not for us to apply to each other.


After the service a welcome cup of tea was served in the parish hall.