CIMS Branches Visit St Finnian's, Cregagh  

Northern Ireland over the Past 40 Years

In previous years it was customary for the Society to hold an Annual Conference. In 2007/08 the committee decided to instead invite branches to attend an event organised by a Branch.

On 17 April the St Finnian’s, Cregagh, Belfast branch of the Church of Ireland Men’s Society had as their guest speaker, Mr David McKittrick, a renowned journalist, who reviewed the 40 years in which he covered “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland for the National Press. On this occasion the branch was joined by members of the Society from other parishes. Also present were the Bishop of Connor, the Right Revd Alan Abernethy (CIMS Chairman), the Dean of Armagh, the Very Revd Patrick Rooke (CIMS Secretary) and Canon Wilfred Young (CIMS Lay Hon Sec).

In his talk  David McKittrick discussed what he considers to be the most significant events of those turbulent years. He has given much thought to the question asked by many as to whether the settlement we enjoy today could have been reached many years earlier thus saving the lives of those who consequently died. He believes people were not ready for a settlement earlier as hard lessons had to be learned before people realised that nobody could win and compromise would be required. He is confident that the present agreement has an enduring quality and that it will last.

  The Very Revd Patrick Rooke, Bill Christie, David McKittrick, Bishop Alan Abernethy