CIMS Annual Service in Cloughfern Parish, Connor on Sunday 23 Nov 2008  
  Cloughfern Parish Church  

Cloughfern Parish Church


In his address to members, wives and friends in Cloughfern parish church the Venerable Barry Dodds talked about the support for those feeling down received through membership of the Society, of the Church of Ireland and the worlwide Church. St Paul, a Jewish tentmaker by trade, had suffered imprisonment, shipwreck and danger of many sorts. On his journey to Imperial Rome he was met on the way by Christians from Rome - Paul took courage and realised he was not alone.

Ven Dodds  

For members of the Church of Christ there are no boundaries. Wherever we go God goes before us. Christ on earth could only be with His people in one place. His death and Resurrection means that wherever we are the Spirit can be with us.

A story illustrated how things some people view as good can actually lead to harm, and perceived bad happenings can often be the cause of good. He told of a man entering the Ironman endurance race dragging, carrying and pushing his disabled son. When he completed the course within the time limits, others commented on what he could have achieved alone. He replied that he would have seen no point in doing it alone. Similarly God could do the race alone, but wants to do it with us in it too.

The service was conducted by the Rector, the Revd David Lockhart assisted by Bishop Alan Abernethy and Dean Patrick Rooke.

Clergy at Annual Service

The Very Revd Patrick Rooke (CIMS General Secretary), the Rt Revd Alan Abernethy (CIMS Chairman),
the Ven Barry Dodds (Preacher) and the Revd, David Lockhart (Rector of Cloughfern)