CIMS Quiet Day 2009 in St Mark's Dundela, Belfast

St Mark's, Dundela

The Quiet Afternoon in St Mark's, Dundela, Belfast commenced with Holy Communion celebrated by the Very Revd Patrick Rooke, Dean of Armagh and Secretary of the Menís Society, assisted by the Rector of St Mark's, Dundela, the Reverend John McDowell.

The Revd McDowell addressed the members of the Society on the theme:

 "Anglicans  -  Who are we?".

"Of all Christian traditions, Anglicanism was most hospitable to diversity. The fact that the current difficulties of the Communion are centred on the limits of diversity demonstrates that it is something which has almost been taken for granted in the past".

 Summary of the here 

    Revd John McDowell   
  St Mark's, Dundela    The Revd John McDowell   
   Interior of St Mark's, Dundela  
  Contemplation in St Mark's, Dundela   
  The Very Revd Patrick Rooke (CIMS Secretary), the Revd John McDowell,
the Rt Revd Alan Abernethy (Bishop of Connor and CIMS Chairman) and Canon Wilfred Young (CIMS Lay Sec)