CIMS Quiet Afternoon 2010 in St Peter's, Antrim Road, Belfast

St Peter's

On Saturday 6 March 2010 the Annual Quiet Afternoon was held in St Peter's, Antrim Road, Belfast. The Quiet Day was preceded by the triennial General Meeting.

The Quiet Afternoon itself commenced with Holy Communion celebrated by the  Revd Adrian Dorrian, the Rector of St Peter's, assisted by the Rt Revd Dr Michael Jackson, Bishop of Clogher and Dean Rooke (CIMS Secty)

During the Service Bishop Jackson gave his first address 

 For the here 

  St Peter's, Antrim Road, Belfast         
  CIMS General Meeting    Bishop Jackson gives his address   
    After a short break for tea or coffee we resumed in the hall for an explanation of the changes taking place at the Institute of Theology with the introduction of a Master of Theology degree.   
  Bishop Jackson with the Revd Adrian Dorrian (Rector of St Peter's)       
   Enjoying a tea break     Final session              - Bishop Jackson gives the
background to changes at the Institute of Theology