CIMS Quiet Afternoon 2011 Ballyholme

St Columbanus', Ballyholme CIMS Service

St Columbanus', Ballyholme 


Holy Communion


On Saturday 26 March 2011 the Annual Quiet Afternoon was held in St St Columbanus' Parish Church, Ballyholme under the direction of the Rector, the  Revd Simon Doogan,

The first address was set in the Service of Holy Communion where we were joined by Ian Bell, the organist, and choir members who had kindly given up their Saturday afternoon.

The address focused on St Columbanus' statement: "I bear the responsibility for very needful teaching" and concluded with the acknowledgement that successful teaching required agreement from those who wanted to learn.

Following tea kindly, provided by the ladies, and a short meeting members returned to the church for the second address. This was a meditation on our Church of Ireland heritage with insightful references to:

- the Book of Common Prayer

- positive / negative loyalty

- "culture of worship"

- "walking the prophetic tightrope of Christ"

- the "Divisions that divide us on this side of the grave being of no consequence on the other"

These themes were skilfully held together under the title: "Four funerals and a baptism"

  Group photo   Meeting  
  Very Revd Patrick Rooke (General Secretary), Eddie Beckett (former Hon Lay Sec and member of Ballyholme Branch), Revd Simon Doogan (Rector), Wilfred Young (Hon Lay Sec) and Arthur Macartney (Hon Treas)    Tea break and discussion about forthcoming Outing