CIMS Quiet Afternoon 2013 Armagh

Armagh Cathedral

The Annual Quiet Afternoon was held in Armagh on Saturday 9 February led by the Revd Grace Clunie (Director of Celtic Christianity). The day commenced with a celebration of Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel of Armagh Cathedral. This was a special version of the Holy Communion approved to be used in association with celebrating Celtic spirituality.

After the service members proceeded to the music room in Vicars’ Hill for a welcome cup of tea/coffee.

This was followed by a talk by Revd Clunie entitled “Hospitality of the Heart”. The Celtic people understood that God was in them by virtue of being born. For Celtic people, as in some societies today, strangers were to be made welcome without asking who they were. This basic hospitality can still be recognised in the Celtic nations today. The talk ended with short prayers.

There was then an opportunity to visit the old Armagh Registry in No 5 Vicars’ Hill. Dr Stephen Day gave a short introduction to the history of the Registry, its original use, how it had been used as a private dwelling and finally its recent restoration as a small museum and interpretive centre.


Armagh Cathedral

  Holy Communion in Lady Chapel Armagh Cathedral    

Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel

Talk on "Celtic Christianity" by Revd Grace Clunie in the Music Room

    Armagh Registry 2  
Armagh Registry 3

Dr Stephen Day introduces members to No 5 Vicars' Hill,

built in 1772 as the Diocesan Registry