Annual Branch Meeting & Triennial General Meeting  
held in St Columba's Portadown on Monday 24 October 2016
      Triennial General Meeting    

The evening commenced with the Triennial General Meeting chaired by CIMS Chairman, the Rt Revd Alan Abernethy. Officers and Executive Committee members were elected for the three years commencing 1 Sept 2016 and Reports and Financial Accounts for the previous three years were received.

This was followed by a talk by the Prof Patrick Morrison entitled "Giants and Genes". Prof Morrison talked about a genetic abnormality which causes gigantism by not turning off growth at the right time. He gave examples of hereditary giants from Biblical times through to today. He described occurrences of the abnormality around Coalisland and the quest to identify people who inherited the gene early in life to allow treatment to prevent problems in later life.

After lively discussion Thomas Stevenson of the St Columba's Branch proposed the Vote of Thanks.

  General Meeting Officers  
Arthur Macartney (CIMS Hon Lay Sec),
      the Rt Revd Alan Abernethy (CIMS Chairman),
           the Very Revd Gregory Dunstan (CIMS General Secretary),
               and John Wright (CIMS Hon Treasurer)
                      at the Triennial General Meeting
   "Giants and Genes"   
    by Prof Patrick Morrison  


  Attendance at Branch Meeting    Giants & Genes by Prof Morrison  
  Branch Meeting    Presentation by Thomas Stevenson